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New windows – property litered with glass

O’Shanter has replaced all the windows and balcony doors. While this will undoubtedly reduce utility costs, the process was disruptive and dangerous. Residents were required to clear the windows of all items for a 3 foot radius, for most tenants this required several days of reconfiguring and moving the contents of a unit as all windows were done at once. Apartments were covered in dust, glass shards and workers didn’t remove their footwear. This was a significant disruption for tenants causing several days of work and disruption as well as cleaning costs for shampooed carpets etc.

The contractors removed the windows by smashing the glass, not by removing the frames and taking out the glass. The result of this fast but messy process was apartments filled with tiny glass shards and the property being littered with glass shards, old caulking, screws and box cutting blades.

The glass shards are still in the grass and flowerbeds and continues to fall off window ledges. The property has become a mine-field for dogs and children. O’Shanter assured the the Tenant’s Association that the contractor would use tarps outside to capture the glass but this was not done.

While some glass on the sidewalk may seem trivial, it’s just a matter of sweeping it up, razor sharp sliver-like shards hidden in the grass and in the cracks of your parquet are not funny. Young children especially are vulnerable as they often trip and fall palms out into the grass. O’Shanter’s carelessness has reduced the quality of life for residents. Glass doesn’t weather, it doesn’t decompose, the property, especially the south sidewalk and grass will continue to be a danger zone for a long time.