42 Glen Elm Avenue

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Garage: fire hazzard

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As a condition of the sale of 42 Glen Elm Ave, O’Shanter requested a Fire Inspection and clearance from the previous owners.

The previous owner was required to build a fireproof room that was serviced by sprinklers for the storage of the recycling and garbage in the garage. Keeping garbage and recyclables out in the open in the garage is contrary to the Toronto Fire code (see link below).

The new garbage room was used by the tenants and the superintendent for the transfer of garbage from the chute to the curb.

This room hasn’t been used for garbage and recycling since O’Shanter took possession of the building. Instead it houses the superintendent’s collection of “treasures” gleaned from the garbage. Old suitcases, boxes of electronics, vacuum cleaners and  old barbeques – basically what you would find at a Goodwill store.

Last week the lock was changed on the room and it now appears that it officially no longer the garbage room.

There is a big pile of cardboard, household goods, and garbage in the garage. Right next to it is a pile of paint cans, camping fuel, solvents etc. Additionally, construction materials are strewn about the garage floor, a tripping hazard and a fire hazard.

Surely a company that boasts “more than 50 employees at 24 sites… over 2500 residential rental units” would be aware of Toronto Fire regulations in regards to the storage of garbage and combustible materials.

B. All garbage bags containing garbage shall be stored within an enclosed garage or in a covered garbage receptacle.
C. Every property shall have a garbage storage facility or a sufficient number of suitable receptacles that are readily accessible to all occupants so as to contain all garbage, debris and trade waste.
[Amended 2004-06-24 by By-law No. 559-2004]

It would seem that the building manager and superintendent are either unaware of Toronto Municipal code, or are blatantly disregarding it. I leave it to the reader to draw  their own conclusions.


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